Update!!! Kate Bosworth Doesn’t Have Crimped Hair

kate bosworth

Leave it to our readers (thanks Anon) to call us out when our asses are wrong. Kate Bosworth does not have crimped hair as we reported earlier.

We were wrong, and our readers are assholes (nah, just joking we love you. be sure to click on ads :-) ) In other news, 21 is still number one for the second week in a row, which means 212 is right around the corner (I hear this time the math geeks decide to take on Atlantic City but then Trump finds out and tries to enlists Kevin Spacey for Celebrity Apprentice).

Congrats Kate on not having stupid hair and having a good movie out there, but can you hurry up and make Blue Crush 2. I miss seeing Michelle Rodriquez in a bathsuit since she was offed on Lost.


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