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Edited by on June 2 2010 at 12:53 PM

Vena Cavas Online Garage Sale: Random CrapBeing a fan of their zippered-bodice print dresses, I was obviously intrigued to check out Vena Cava’s online garage sale. I suppose I was expecting some of their old vintage finds, past-season items and little knick-knacks.  I am thoroughly disappointed to announce that it is really just a bunch of random crap! Sorry girls.  Still love ya, but let’s be real.  Here are some of the sold out items: 

  • Lisa Mayock’s birth certificate and social security card – It’s not only creepy to sell that information online.  It’s creepy that someone actually bought these items!
  • Nunchucks -  I mean really? wtf?!
  • Vena Cava Esteem – Apparently it’s Lisa’s self-esteem bottled up in a vintage jar … no comment necessary
  • Pakastani Sword – Where does one even purchase such a weapon?
  • Drug Poster – Alright, I’ll admit I’m a little envious of this purchase.  (to the person who bought this: if you read this, I will pay you double what you paid!)

For all you not-so-lucky people to score the above mentioned items, don’t worry there is still plenty of randomness to be purchased! If you collect old, strange paperback books then you’re in Heaven! I’m personally contemplating the Vena Cava ‘beer cosy’.  That way I can keep my cheap PBR (only appropriate beer to drink in a Vena Cava beer cosy, in my opinion) nice and chill, while wearing my $700 Vena Cava dress!

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Story by Tracey

Born and raised in San Francisco and rep it to the fullest, but I love my life in New York. In my world, it's all about vintage furs, Ray Ban aviators, riding boots and gaudy gold jewelry. I have the cutest dog ever and I'm not just saying that because he's mine...