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Vicky FINALLY Steals A Look From Katie

Vicky FINALLY Steals A Look From Katie

Vicky FINALLY Steals A Look From Katie

It’s amazing how long it took before Vicky stole a look for Katie’s playbook.

For a while I thought this friendship was one-sided in a weird, Single White Female sort-of way, in which Katie was trying her best to look like Becks in an attempt to dump the gay alien for the footballer. Of course, now it seems the tables have turned and Victoria is ready to look like Kate. My guess is she wants to trade in those mutant spawns for Suri. Okay, her kids are cute, but come on people, I’d sell a few of my first borns for a Suri anyday.

Now back to the look, yes the boyfriend jeans are suddenly cool again, yes Katie Holmes wore them first, and yes they are friends so these might actually be Katie’s jeans. Only Victoria has added a $15,000 Birkin bag to the mix, her own 8-carat, wrist bending diamond ring, and some cheap ass looking flip flops (prob worth more then my entire wardrobe, but still).

So do we love it, or should she send this look back to Katie and stick to wearing her own collection?

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Written by Rebecca Alexander

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor.