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Win Spring Break Essentials from Victoria’s Secret

FashionIndie won big from Victoria’s Secret for styling the hottest Spring Break look at the VS Pink Blogger Style Off for Angel Elsa Hosk. Now you can win too! All by telling us your wildest spring break story… ever. More details when you dive in.

Win Spring Break Essentials from Victorias Secret

Tell us your most SCANDALOUS Spring Break Story. Like Vegas, what happens on Spring Break stays on Spring Break, so instead of commenting, email your story to [email protected]. We’ll post the wildest, raunchiest, drunkest stories anonymously (unless otherwise noted. Fame whore? Sure, we’ll link to your blog.) TEN WINNERS will get hooked you with some some of Victoria’s Secret’s best secrets.

Ready, set, GO!! You have seven minutes!!!!! Kidding, contest ends Monday 3/26 5PM sharp.


Here’s how the blogger competition went down:

I was escorted inside Victoria’s Secret headquarters to a VS PINK Style Off. Pitted against other top bloggers and online fashion editors, we entered a room, across from their very own Starbucks, that looked like a beach. With glass jars of candy and hot man serving popcorn and mocktails (you can imagine the disappointment). Victoria’s Secret Angel Elsa Hosk was there (gorgeously, naturally) to officiate the ceremony. A PINK bagful of spring break essentials for 10 of our readers, and one giant shopping spree for the winning blogger was at stake. Your spring break was on the line! I knew I had to win it for you, and for me, and for you. Well, the results are in, AND I WON!!! That means 10 of you are getting tricked out for Spring Break!!

It got all Hunger Games real quick: there was a cornucopia of bathing suits and accessories in the middle, and at an angelic, “Ready, Set, GO!” from Elsa, we had seven minutes to complete our task. I dashed forward, battling off girls from Cosmopolitan, Nylon, InStyle, Racked, StyleCaster, Hollywood Life and Modelinia (who turned out to be my staunchest competitor) and a dozen others, and fastidiously picked my look.

Win Spring Break Essentials from Victorias Secret

I grabbed the multicolor leopard top to offset the bright purple bottoms. Key wrap bracelets, a necklace, and a red ring embossed “Bad Girls” made it back with me. We each had a rack of signature PINK shorts, sweats, cropped tees and tanks to work from. In a Katniss-Rue moment of diplomacy, I made a trade with the People editor: the blue sweatshirt on my rack for the orange jean shorts on hers (who wears a sweater on Spring Break? C’mon People). With bikini, shorts and jewelry in place, I stuffed a bag with the essentials; a towel, snorkeling gear, a frisbee, a water bottle, and strapped a bra and panty to it for later. It’s in the details, kids. With a camera and headphones, she was ready for the beach. Just one question remained: “Where is the party?” Luckily, there was a neon pink shirt that asked that very question. I slung it over her shoulder, so the hotties on the beach would oblige.

582 Facebook Likes and a panel of official VS PINK judges later, I WON! Now get to winning yourself!

To get your brain jogging on those Spring Break memories (it’s likely just a cloud of margarita salt at this point), peruse the competition. See what I was up against.

But first, the look of an Angel:

After the competition cooled, the angelic Elsa Hosk took to styling her own spring break dream ensemble. It’s a nice ombre, a warm purple at the bottom, easing it’s way like a strawberry daiquiri up a crazy straw, umbrella included. To protect the fair skin, of course.

Written by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.