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by on January 31, 2012

Help! DJ Panda Pupstep has been captured! He’s been “blindfolded and driven to a secret location”! Could this be the same secret location Skrillex will be performing at Thursday night? Invitations with those exact no-peeking-allowed instructions for the Best New Artist Grammy nom’s show were indeed scattered across to a lucky few (Who, me??) by We Are The Superlative Conspiracy. True to their namesake’s philosophy, the headphone/skate/denim brand WeSC is planning something sneaky and totally epic. But to dognap this dubsteppin’ pupster? The horror! Sounds like Skrillex already wubbed his way into DJ Panda Pupstep’s doggy head.

If you’re ODing on the cute/badass mashup see the slightly more disturbing kidnap-related video – the original music video for the song you just heard, First Of The Year [Equinox] by Skrillex.

Tryin’ to trick your dog out like DJ Panda Pupstep?

VIDEO: DJ Panda Pupstep Blindfolded and Dog Napped by Skrillex

First, the panda suit. Thank you, fine minds of Dogo. For $40, you put the Panda in Pupstep.

While these sicksta gold cans are not made by the talented headphone-making conspirators at WeSC, I got them from Karmaloop by Eskuche for $69.

DJ Panda Pupstep – CALL 911 NOW on your giant golden pop phone, $60 from Kitson or A. Turen on 85 Stanton.

Make your puppy look like Skrillex with a super long mane and a DJ Mixer by Merkury. It’s a device that plays two iPods and looks like a mini DJ-turntable, however, this machine is only meant to simulate DJ sounds with a range of reverb and flange and filter and fade effects. So basically you can take away the bass and add some heavy sounds on top of the music. You can also fade the songs into one another, but only by volume, not by speed as in a real DJ’s table. (Everything you heard in the video came directly from Skrillex.) So, for 120 bones, you can play two iPods at once and tinker with the sound.

DJ Panda Pupstep spins the tunes at the It hotspot right now, Chez Moi, 7 nights a week. Hit me for deets.


Contributed by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.