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by on August 17, 2012

We always knew that you can make a lot of interesting things out of wood. Paper, furniture, um… firewood, but we never knew you could make clothing. HereĀ are some really realistic examples of clothing that artist Fraser Smith has carved out of wood.

Watch This Artist Carve a Leather Jacket Out of Wood

This rugged men’s leather jacket is something that any stylish man looking to emulate James Dean would wear. Except you can’t because it’s made of wood. Artist Fraser Smith carves realistic items of clothing out of wood and it kind of pisses us off that we can’t wear them. Every detail down to the way leather looks when it hangs on a hanger is perfectly mimicked, but instead of feeling the soft animal skin of a leather jacket, you feel… varnish.

Watch this video to see three square blocks of wood transform into a lifelike leather jacket sculpture in two minutes. Now while it actually doesn’t take two minutes for Fraser Smith to carve these jackets, the results are staggeringly realistic.

American flag print is very on trend right now. Too bad this jacket is completely solid and probably 50 lbs.


Contributed by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.

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