We May Be Losing Runway, But Bravo’s Got 5 New Shows Heading Our Way

We May Be Losing Runway, But Bravos Got 5 New Shows Heading Our Way fashion

As Project Runway runs to Lifetime, or maybe not, we all thought Bravo would be left all lonely and out in the cold. Well, their here to prove us wrong! And I have to say, I’m quite happy about it. Word has it that Bravo execs are in talks about featuring five new fashion-themed shows. Yes, we just said five! Three of them are straight-up intoxicating fashion, whilst the others are more lifestyle shows.

First on the list is Fashionality, a discussion and interview rich entertainment base. Number two is Celebrity Sew-Off, in which featured celebrities attempt to make their own clothes. Next is Double Exposure and Polo. Double Exposure follows the everyday lifeĀ of Markus Klinko, a fashion photographer, whilst Polo documents the lives of top polo players. And finally, we have The Dubai Projects, featuring top lifestyles in an awesome city! This is crazy exciting, but let’s hope at least one of these budding reality series doesn’t crash and burn- we know how easy it is for that to happen. What are you most excited for?


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