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by on August 20, 2012

We were poolside in Las Vegas with a whole lot of Olympians including Ryan Lochte, Cullen Jones, and a bevy of neon speedos. Here’s what happened (spoiler alert: it involves tattoos and custom denim jackets).

We Went To Ryan Lochtes Birthday Party And Lived To Tell About It

Between his Olympic golds and 28th birthday bash, Ryan Lochte clearly has a lot of reasons to celebrate, and celebrate he did.  The day started out at The Palazzo’s Azure Pool where Belvedere set up a lovely air conditioned cabana for the birthday boy’s crew.  Lochte was wearing a pair of black & white American flag board shorts that later turned into a tiny green speedo.  It was a fun take on his previous red, white & blue board shorts and hot pink speedo from the day before, and the ladies were going absolutely mad for him.  He was really friendly and open to taking photos, chatting up fans, signing autographs, and even partying in the pool.  We even watched a mini Olympic style swim race (granted it was a 4 foot deep pool that was about 12 strokes long, but close enough) and one lap even included a poolside fan who lost her top in all the splashing to get ahead.

We Went To Ryan Lochtes Birthday Party And Lived To Tell About It
By his side was best friend and Olympic gold medal winner Cullen Jones, who was also partaking in the festivities and being an all around charming guy.  After the sun started to set, the guys went to a team dinner and we all reconvened at the Encore Hotel nightclub hot spot XS for their weekly NightSwim Pool Party.  

We Went To Ryan Lochtes Birthday Party And Lived To Tell About It

It was a royal affair with a Prince Harry spotting, but honestly all eyes were on the table of swimmers in the center of the dance floor, partying to the EDM beats of Manufactured Superstars.  Cheers went out when the men showed off their brand new team tattoos of the Olympic rings on their inner arms, given to them by Jones’ tattoo artist in their hotel rooms. Talk about a bad ass way to commemorate your championship. I don’t know if I nearly fainted from the cuteness of their camaraderie or the sight of an Olympic bicep.   Cullen Jones even showed us his custom designed jacket that was over the top Olympic themed (above).  4 hours of dancing, and about a dozen “jeah’s” later, we were all ready to call it a night.  We may not have been there for the Olympic gold, but this was definitely one for the memory books.  Can’t wait for Brazil 2016!



Contributed by Samantha Lim

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