Well, I’ll Be A Trannies Coke Vile!

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Well, Ill Be A Trannies Coke Vile!

I actually like Anja Rubik Indies,  I actually like her!  In spite of the fact that she was caught posing with Chloe Sevignums’.  what a silly career move……..Jesus is not pleased!  I was all prepared to trash her and talk about her mamma and make references toward her being a promiscuous crack whore after seeing her with Chloe on the cover of Nylon (cuz I just knew she had to be on serious mind altering substances to even let her dead corpse be caught doing anything with Sevignums’), but then I looked her up and she really is something special, not a crack whore at all.

Well, Ill Be A Trannies Coke Vile!Well, Ill Be A Trannies Coke Vile!

Anja                             vs                     Agyness

The Polish tart has graced various covers of Vogue abroad and has an impressive portfolio that made even ME do a double take….aren’t we impressed indies.  She’s also been getting booked like crazy since she chopped off her long blond tresses and got her Twiggy on.  Now even tho’ we worship Agnyess as our number one doll with a boy cut,  we think if Anja keeps steppin’ her game up, she might actually make us second guess ourselves.

Article by Zmaji Robinson

Authors bio is coming up shortly. Zmaji Robinson tagged this post with: Read 68 articles by Zmaji Robinson
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