Well, This Is One Way to Advertise…

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Well, This Is One Way to Advertise...You could easily say that the HP Computer commercials are the best ones on the tube these days (Okay…so maybe the Gieco and Disney vacation package commercials are better, but work with me). I loved the creative and inspirational (yes, inspirational) commercials showcasing Vera Wang and Gewn Stefani, but Fergie just isn’t doing it for me. As opposed to past HP commercials, which typically warm the heart and tell you that all your dreams are possible with an HP Computer, Fergie simply talks about herself, her music and advertises for her new shoe collections. It might be HP’s commercial, but it looks like Fergie is doing a little advertising of her own.

No matter how much I hate her commercial, I can’t hate this pop star…afterall, she did teach me how to spell.





Thanks Just Jared!

Article by Kirby Marzec

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