LOL: Anna Wintour, The Club-Hopping Hipster

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LOL: Anna Wintour, The Club Hopping Hipster

Gawker got wind of Anna Wintour’s high school newspaper (courtesy of  a classmate), and has discovered that in the 60s, 17-year-old Wintour was the town’s Aaron K, entertaining her classmates with stories of her nightly escapades:

“In vogue at the moment are the Garrison, the Scotch of St. James and Dolly’s. The Garrison, run by smooth, dinner-jacketed waiters is ostensibly where the upper crust of London’s rich young jet set while away time between flights…The Scotch of St James (actually it’s in Mason’s Yard) is small and crowded to near suffocation point…The pessimistic are already gloomily predicting that the Scotch will soon be passee but its popularity among the uninitiate is still high.

[At] Dolly’s…the most way-out outfits are the expected uniform and the kinkiest of gear is accepted without the blinking of an eyelid.”

In Vogue? Guess  she was destined for print. I’d love to see a mod Wintour ‘Out with Aaron K’

LINK LOVE: NY Mag via Gawker

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