Where in the World is Marc Jacobs?


Where in the World is Marc Jacobs? fashion

Fashion insiders are buzzing, saying that Mr. Jacobs is M.I.A. (not Bamboo Banga’ M.I.A, like missing in action). He is not at his usually haunts like the Mercer or his apartment in Paris. No one in his camp was worried until Naomi Campbell stop by his house and found it empty. Campbell was dumped at the last minute from the fall L.V. campaign and went to his apartment to straighten things out (code: throw her cell phone at him). But all she found was his housekeeper and a disheveled house. No word if she threw her phone at the housekeeper.

Really where is Marc? I would say rehab!

Or getting inspiration for his new collection………in rehab!

Or in a hotel room in Vegas….waiting to go to rehab!

Hmmmm….the last time Jacobs made a public appearance was at Perez Hilton’s B-day party.

Did Perez kidnap him?

Where in the World is Marc Jacobs? fashion

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