QUOTE: ‘Gossip Girl’ Not As Cool As It Used To Be?

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QUOTE: Gossip Girl Not As Cool As It Used To Be?

Syracuse University Prof. Robert Thompson, a popculture expert, has decided that he is now the fortune-teller to Gossip Girl downfall.  He told the news:

The silence is deafening, ”Gossip Girl’ was like Twitter – when people first discovered it, they couldn’t stop talking about it. But the enchantment has worn off.

The premise of the show was so interesting and exciting in the beginning, but this season’s story lines don’t seem to be clicking. It’s not like if you watch an episode this season, you can say that it’s fundamentally worse than it was last season – it just doesn’t seem to have the shelf life of other programming.”

AOL Television’s Maggie Furlong also had a bit to say regarding the fame of the characters, and her recent Gossip Girl article that only recieved one comment:

“They’re no longer that interesting, that would have never happened a year ago. Now everyone wants to argue about the Gosselins instead.”

What is the world coming to! I’m still in love with Gossip Girl, but maybe they should’ve thought a little harder about their image before they gave Hilary Duff a role, and Tyra Banks a guest spot…just sayin. Then there was of course that the ‘flashback’ episode with Brittany Snow that made everyone want to stop watching the show, and that girl from ‘Privelage’ trying to convince everyone she hadn’t already been on a CW show…

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Article by Hillary Frazier

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