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Where’s Your Head At?

lins June 11 at 11:50 | Comments | TWEET THIS

I have curly hair that poufs into a small cloud at the slightest increase in the dewpoint. This means that my hair is pulled back a lot of the time into a messy bun (because a ponytail in all its fluff will be wider than my head). To keep this from looking blah, I wear headbands—a lot. They have the added benefit of tamping down stray curls that have developed lives of their own. Preppy they may be, but I love J.Crew plastic headbands for their simplicity and go-with-everythingness (just pare down other preppy elements of your outfit).

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

I like to pair my sundresses with something a little edgy (yay contrast) like studs or this tattoo-print headband from Etsy.

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

If you have something with simple, clean lines on (like a t-shirt dress) make your headband the focal point (it’s pricey, but this 3.1 Philip Lim headband from ShopJinny is gorgeous).

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

Wear an all-black ensemble and pair with something uber-girly; I like how this shot is styled with multiple headbands, but I’m not sure how functional it is (unless you have a really big head).

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

This braided crystal headband is another good option, but again—kinda pricey, as is this femme ribbon headband.

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

Wheres Your Head At? fashion

They’ll make your feel just a bit more put-together on days when you’re decidedly not …

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