White Supremist Gets Ass Handed to Her for Wearing “Obama is My Slave” T-Shirt

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White Supremist Gets Ass Handed to Her for Wearing Obama is My Slave T Shirt

Oh joy. An idiotic graduate student, Nathanaeli Nassimi, got her ass beat by four black chicks when she was caught wearing an “Obama Is My Slave” t-shirt. The girls approached her after noticing her blatantly racist tee and decided to give her a good old beating for being about as bright as a pile of bricks.

Nassimi ran away from them and called the “Apollo Braun” store on Orchard Street where she had purchased her t-shirt and complained about the attack to the employee who was working in the shop at that time.  The employee agreed to give Nassimi the owner’s, relentless media whore Doron Braunshtein a.k.a. Apollo Braun, cell phone number and the still shocked Nassimi told him about the attack and informed him she was thinking of suing him “for all he’s got”.  Braunshtein in return told her that he was very sorry she had been attacked, but that she could not blame him because as he told her “No one made you buy the t-shirt”.  Nassimi said that she would come the following day and demand a refund for the t-shirt, which cost her $69. Braunshtein told her that he doesn’t give refunds because it is against his store policy.

This made her even more agitated and she started to scream at him saying that he should be “ashamed of himself”.  Braunshtein asked her for her phone number saying that he would speak to his lawyer and call her back. Apparently, Nassimi is now planning on suing Apollo for designing the shirt.

While I can understand Nassimi’s anger at Apollo, I can only say that he’s really done no wrong here. Yes, the shirt is offensive and obviously racist, but it was Nassimi’s stupidity that made her purchase it thinking she wouldn’t get her ass kicked in NYC.  Personally, I’d be more pissed about spending $69 bucks on a t-shirt that cost about $2 bucks and ten minutes to make.

Since we really don’t feel right about letting racist enjoying a day without being called a douchebag here are the numbers of both Nathanaeli and Doron for your ranting pleasure. The PR agent who sent me this wonderfully nauseating story was kind enough to provide them for me. I’d strongly suggest calling both between the hours of  1:00 AM – 6:00 AM.

To speak with Nathanaeli Nassimi about the incident, you can reach her at phone number: 516-220-7024.
To speak with Doron Braunshtein aka Apollo Braun, you can reach him at phone number: 212-726-8075.

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Article by Rebecca Alexander, Editor

Rebecca does not like biographies. They are stupid and she would rather spend her time editing the site. Which she does with great vigor. Rebecca Alexander, Editor tagged this post with: Read 4492 articles by Rebecca Alexander, Editor
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