Shapes have shifted. Your coats of winters past may not stand up to the structural movements happening now.

Winter Coat Shape Up

The perks of waiting till mid-season to invest? Sweet discounts.
FLEXI SLEEVE: Rick Owens slicks down a side-licked collar on a column wool coat. He keeps in mind mobility with stretch insets under the arms. Rick Owens Wool Sparta Coat – was $2,350, now $1,175

SHAPED SHEARLING: Paul & Joe give us shearling with shape. Let the legs stand slim, but keep the bootie warm.  Paul & Joe Mongolie Shearling Coat – was $2,175, now $1,523

SCULPTED DOWN: Marios Schwab uses down to sculpt a futuresque silhouette. It’s a new era of poufy. Marios Schwab Quilted Structure Coat – was $2,175, now $1,523

COVERALL CAPE: The Row has shaped a cape that doesn’t leave your arms out in the cold. Wrap your secrets in a fitted blanket of wool and mink. The Row Apleton Cape – still $5,000. It’s that glorious.

SNEAK HOOD: Creenstone hides the hood – it simply rolls into a collar. Hoods are so practical when they’re on your head, but look so limp just hanging out. Find a sneaky hood like this. Creenstone Padded Trench with Hood – £265. Do the math.

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