WOULD YOU RATHER?: The Bacon Edition

Kirby June 18 at 2:49 | Comments | TWEET THIS

WOULD YOU RATHER?: The Bacon Edition  fashionThe Fashion Indie crew just played a riveting game of “would you rather” and while we all agreed that we’d rather get breast reduction over implants, we couldn’t come to a general consensus if we’d rather use bacon flavored lip balm for the rest of our lives or go balm-less for all eternity. Really, it’s a toss up: Smell like a BLT all day or live your life chapped and alone? While many of you may be vomiting at the sound of bacon balm, it gets worse…dog poop, cat pee and monkey farts. And no, I’m not kidding. 


If you truly must, get your J&D’s Bacon Lip Balm here!

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