Writing Fashion-Beauty Photo Shoot Themes

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Writing Fashion-Beauty Photo Shoot Themes

??Here is what I generally try to do before doing a shoot for a magazine. I will do a brain storming session and start to compile idea’s for the shoot. Once the idea’s are honed down, I will choose perhaps two or three of them and share them with the Fashion Editor of the shoot and get her/his feedback and go from there.

??This is an actual pre-production study I did.

??Some of My Fashion-Beauty Shoot Themes

??1.Guardian Angels?
2.To the Hunt?
3.Harlequin Romances
?4.Kill Bill?
5.Home Delivery
7. X-Files?
8. Desperate Housewives?
9.A Day at the Therapist?
10.Different Religions
?11.A “Photographer” doing a shoot and shooting him doing the following:

In a small village shooting Passports?
Top Fashion Photographer in a small village in no man’s land?
School Photographer?
Baby Photographer?
The Birthday
?The Prom?
Playboy Photographer
Crime Scenes..etc.

??12.The Wrong Casting (A Bad Casting)?
13.Fitness Centre (Out of context clothing that does not get worn at a Fitness Centre)?
14.My Favourite Dessert (Beauty Shoot)?
15.The Usual Suspects?



Writing Fashion Beauty Photo Shoot Themes fashion

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