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WTF?!? Sienna Miller

WTF?!? Sienna Miller fashion

At first glance I sort of thought that this dress was cool, but taking a closer look at all the rips and ragged edges I’ve changed my mind (the dress is Balmain if that makes a difference). What do you guys think? Hit or Miss?

Image via Just Jared

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  • A miss, but only just. I could see Edie Sedgwick in this.
  • I absolutely love it. I think it's pretty rad and if I had her body and her bank account, I'd be in it too.. but with the some edgy boots and some pamela love jewelry.
  • Sam
    A hit definitely !!!
  • reneschaller
    did she had a fight with a big cat or was it a car crash? what happened?
  • what the SHIT people this dress is mad hit.
    Christophe Decarnin is KILLIN' it at Balmain.
    this look needs WAY more edgy shoes to make it work...better put some Pierre Hardy's on that.

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