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Yeohlee Fall 2008

I thought I was a true New Yorker, until I got lost in this past Friday’s crappy weather, while looking for the New Museum. SANNA (a term used to describe the museums newest structure and supposed “ambiance”) was what I was looking for as I walked into the massive juxtaposed space. The museum is an environment which values utility, function and the economical use of material, which I must say it is beautiful.

I was curious to watch the show since hearing rave reviews about how good the designers previous work had been. YEOLEE’s team, including her publicist Robert, were so nice that I felt at home at the crowded show. Fortunately, I got a front row seat and once the show began I was far from disappointed as my previous expectations were more than met.

Yeohlee Fall 2008 fashionYeohlee Fall 2008 fashion

For the fall collection, YEOHLEE was inspired by the spiritual values of the Shakers (look it up on Wiki you’ll be surprised), imagining them in a SANAA environment. YEOHLEE’s design philosophy “is [a] forward thinking, global … approach and not linked to any single cultural identity.” The simplicity was best expressed in the collections ponchos, which provided a perfect compliment to the constant flow of well executed basics, which made their way down the runway.

Yeohlee Fall 2008 fashionYeohlee Fall 2008 fashion

P.S. I can’t help but say the museum cafe carries one of the best red velvet cupcakes! I indulged myself (as a naughty fashionista should) by eating a yummy one with pecans!


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