I would love to see photos taken by you in your city of what YOU consider stylish.  Please send me your images of people wearing what is happening in your town and include the brands they are wearing, i.e. skirt by “…………” tee shirt by “……..  …..” etc. and if you can, a short video vignette similar to what we are doing here on BK Blog. Or why not photos of yourself?  Would love to see them…

Your City Street Fashion Stuff on Benjamin Kanarek Blog

Above Photo from BK Blog

We will choose the best of the best and post your stuff to the link of your choice.  At the end of the year, we will host a Benjamin Kanarek Fashion Street Stuff Contest.

Not sure what I am going to get from all of you out there, but would love to get stuff from anywhere around the world.  Please make these the real thing, rather than set up choreographed images.

If you are not sure about what this all means, just go and have a look at some of my Paris Fashion Street Stuff posts.

Send your images and video or video link to: street@benjaminkanarekblog.com

The Team